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These Agrited day-old broilers are recognized globally as chicken meat producers that will give consistent performance in the broiler house.


Poultry producers value the growth rate, feed efficiency and robust performance of the Ross 308.
The Ross 308 is a fast-growing, feed efficient broiler with maximum meat yield. The cost-effective production of chicken meat depends on achieving good bird performance.
Our birds were hatched by a reputable hatchery, you would definitely get value from all your orders.
Benefits of Purchasing Agrited Day Old Broilers (Ross 308)
These are:

Good quality chicks from disease-free parent stocks
Fast-growing broilers
It ensures farmers have good optimum profitability
Before leaving the point of delivery, please count your birds while the driver is still there.
Once you ensure the driver or delivery agent witnesses any loss, and you confirm this with us, you will be compensated once we confirm/corroborate the loss/inconsistency at delivery.
Smartjayagro does not provide any warranty or guarantee on day-old chicks or poults.
We advise the services of qualified veterinarians for routine observation and treatment (and consult the vaccination and medication schedule sent to your mail).


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