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Amo Day-Old Cockerel Chicks are cheaper to buy and raise compared to broilers, and they thrive under most management conditions.


They are very resistant to adverse environmental conditions. So, we often recommend them for new poultry farms that use the free-range system.

Features of Amo Day-Old Cockerel Chicks
A cockerel is a young rooster, a male chicken that has not been castrated. The point when a chicken transitions from being a cockerel to a rooster is a bit ambiguous, but in general, a rooster is a chicken that has fully matured, and mated with hens, while a cockerel is either still growing, or inexperienced with hens.
When a cockerel is castrated, it becomes a capon. Capons do not develop in the same way as uncastrated birds, and they tend to be calmer and easier to handle as well as physically different from roosters and cockerels.
Excellent livability in different climates.
Adaptable to the various housing (battery cages, deep litter, free-range) and management systems.
Once a cockerel matures into a rooster, he will be happiest with a flock of hens to look after.

Before leaving the point of delivery, please count your birds while the driver is still there. Once you ensure the driver or delivery agent witnesses any loss, and you confirm this with us. you will be compensated once we confirm/corroborate the loss/inconsistency at delivery.


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